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As we receive many questions/inquires from people regarding working in Switzerland, we decided to support you in a whole process.

 Our team helps in your job search (CV/diplomas, etc.). We guide you on applying for a job (including support with all the bureaucracy). Moreover, we specify what is required in your case to work permanently in Switzerland. Every case is different, so we approach you individually.

Residents Permits

In Switzerland, most foreign nationals require a work permit. The procedure for obtaining it depends on your situation. 

We can show you exactly which type of permit you need and solve any issues with authorities and municipalities. Hence, you will not get into trouble later. 


Health insurance is compulsory for everyone residing in Switzerland. Our independent experts will find you the health insurance and other necessary insurances with the best price/performance ratio on the complex insurance market. 


Swiss Housing Market is challenging, but thanks to our vast network, we make it possible for you to find an apartment in Switzerland. It is essential to know how house-hunting in Switzerland looks like, and we are here for you. 

Bank Account

A Swiss bank account is required if you want to be employed in Switzerland. We assist you in opening bank accounts and applying for credit cards etc. Moreover, We handle all the documentation that needs to be submitted. 

Living and working in Switzerland.

The process.

To work and live in Switzerland on a long-term basis, you need an employment contract. To find a job in Switzerland, you need recognized diplomas and a current CV to apply.
A bank account and appropriate debit and credit cards are required to receive salary payments and pay in Switzerland.

Once you have an employment contract and set up the accounts, you can start looking for an apartment. There are several options here.

For permanent settlement, different permits are required from the various offices such as the Migration Office and Residents Office.

Furthermore, it is essential to check precisely what is really needed with the insurances. In Switzerland, health insurance is mandatory. Here there are significant differences and essential points that must be considered.

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